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Who are we?


Bottles of soda, mountains of crisps and a young talented team who bust the code. These are THE ingredients to create smart, appealing and innovative solutions for our customers. Our team of web and software developers, logo and motion graphics designers are at your service. You Send Us to deliver your project!

We focus on management, consultancy, concept and design. From concept to final product, we can consult and guide you to create your own unique webplatform, corporate identity, company logo's or any of your other multimedia endeavors. Check out our portfolio section, Experience and Understand.

Our gifted programmers really bust any code you can think of. PHP, JavaScript, Erlang, Elixir, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, UnderscoreJS, BackboneJS, Enyo, Keno UI and many others have no secrets for us. We are proud to share our code and knowledge with the world where we are top contributors to DrupalCMS and other open source projects. With an extensive customer portfolio like: NFL, UEFA, FIFA, TomTom, European Olympic Committee, Local Governments, European Pilot Selection and Training and many more. You can rest assure the your projects are save with us.

Das Lab

Recently we've added a new team to Usendes. Das Lab is the place where we let our hair down and let our creativity flow. It's a playground for new technologies and artistic freedom.

Why a Usendes approach?

Our goal is to boldly go where no one has gone before. This is also why:

  • We specialize at maximizing quality in the face of strict deadlines.
  • We help you manage and set realistic expectations on your endeavors.
  • We build unique platforms.
  • We always deliver above expectations.

But feel free to contact our clients who are our best ambassadors.

Solutions that work for you

Every company, every department, has its own set of rules, protocols and workflows. So for every project, we take the time to understand you and your processes. Our project managers have extensive international experience in a very wide field of disciplines and all use the tools of the magic 5:

  • Listen
  • Consolidate
  • Decide
  • Evaluate
  • Iterate

From these basics, we can create environments that work for your business.

We understand big projects can be complex and prone to failure. Instead, we modularize, untangle and rewire workflows, reducing complexity and creating an intuitive coherent composition. We pride ourselves for our ability to find simple and elegant solutions. The benefits of this approach reach beyond streamlining your web presence and software. Extending throughout the entire project, our solutions allow a module-by-module delivery of features and functionality with no killing contracts. Simply put, we believe in our power to deliver.

From these basics we can create environments that work for "you". We never accept big projects as one, as we believe the immense scope and complexity make them often bound to fail. We started with SCRUM before the word even existed and we proud our self to uncomplexify, complex systems, tasks and projects. We deliver module by module with no killing contracts because we believe in our power to deliver.

Our customers will vouch for our effective approach, our quality and our service.

Questions? You are more than welcome to contact us and have a nice cup of coffee :)
  • Horse Lifestyle

    • Horselifestyle

    Horse Lifestyle

    Horse Lifestyle is een online streaming service, waar je voor €12,95 per maand, onbeperkt films, series, boeken en magazines kunt kijken die met paarden en de bijbehorende Lifestyle te maken hebben. Wij streven ernaar om samen met jou een plek te creëren waar alles over jouw lifestyle te vinden is. "Enjoy your Lifestyle, Anytime, Anywhere"

  • ‘Transavia’ bij Studio Dumbar

    • transavia


    Having identified the need to redefine Transavia’s positioning and visual identity (in accordance with Mirabeau’s e-commerce strategy and concept) Studio Dumbar was invited to join the team. Assigned lead designer Erik de Vlaam and his team developed the brand design. Meer zien en weten? Bezoek de website van Studio Dumbar


    • EYOF2013
    • EYOF2013
    • EYOF2013
    • EYOF2013
    • EYOF2013

    Het European Youth Olympic Festival

    Van 14 t/m 19 juli 2013 vindt in Utrecht het European Youth Olympic Festival plaats. Het EYOF is een Europees multisportevenement voor jonge talentvolle sporters in de leeftijdscategorie 13 tot 18 jaar die met elkaar in 9 verschillende sporten strijden om de medailles. Met recht het grootste jeugd sportevenement van Nederland:

    • 2.300 deelnemers
    • 1.000 officials
    • 49 landen
    • 9 sporten
    • 7 sportlocaties
    • 2 Olympische dorpen
    • 1 Olympische vlam

  • KRO detectives map

    KRO detectives map

    Promo voor de Kro detectives map

  • Shell


    Voor Shell verzorgen alle narrowcasting voor de schermen bij tankstations. Ook verzorgen we de billboard animaties die je langs de weg kan zien.
  • Strictly Come Dancing

    Strictly Come Dancing

    Avro - Promo voor de nieuwe show van Eyeworks. Gepresenteerd door Kim-lian van der meij en Reinout Oerlemans.

  • The pitch

    The pitch

    Wervings video voor deelnemers van het programma "The Pitch"

  • Zorg wordt duurder

    Zorg wordt duurder

    Ministerie van VWS - Deze infographic geeft uitleg over de keuzes van het kabinet rondom de uitgaven van de zorg in komende jaren.

  • FriX CrossFysiotherapie

    • FriXCrossFysiotherapie
    • FriXCrossFysiotherapie
    • FriXCrossFysiotherapie
    • FriXCrossFysiotherapie

    ‘FriX CrossFysiotherapie’ website

    De behandelmethode van FriX CrossFysiotherapie bestaat uit een deep tissue massage gevolgd door ijsen. Dat hebben we vooral in de X proberen weer te geven.

Some of our Clients

EPST | European Pilot Selection & Training
Aviation Training Europe
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science


Feel free to contact us for any inquiries, if you have any questions about our work or just say hello.


Working Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

Usendes Van Cleeffkade 15 1431 BA Aalsmeer


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